Privacy Policy and Copyright
Privacy Policy

Swim2000, Inc. ("Swim2000") is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, and therefore believes you should know how your personal information is going to be used. Identifying information, such as your first name, last name, address, phone number, and email address ("personal information"), will be collected by Swim2000 for transactional and non-transactional services ("Service(s)"). No information will be stored if you are simply browsing the Swim2000 website ("Site"). However, there are several forms of non-transactional services that will ask for parts of your personal information.

If you show interest in participating in any service, Swim2000 will request your personal information as needed to fulfill your order/transaction/request. We will only collect the information we deem necessary to complete the requested service, and such information will only be used as described in this Privacy Policy.

Swim2000 will not disclose your personal information to any third parties unless:
  1. It is necessary to execute the service you have requested
  2. It becomes required by Swim2000 to disclose said information as a part of any legal process (eg: subpoena, court order, search warrant)
  3. Disclosure of such personal information is required to protect the rights, property, or safety of Swim2000, it's users, affiliates, or advertisers
  4. Your data has been provided to us through a third party, in which case it may be necessary for us to provide the third party with your personal information that we have collected to complete a service

Our Site utilizes cookies. Our site will store cookies on your browser in order to store shopping-cart data, referral data, and other non-personal data used to customize your online shopping experience. Referral data is used to track what site had referred you to our Site. While these cookies do contain partial browser history, we will not use this information in any way that could be used to identify you or disrupt your privacy as pursuant to this policy. Such information is kept secure with Swim2000.

If you have been refered to the Site by a third party, Swim2000 accepts no responsibility for their privacy policy and/or actions.

Our servers may collect data from your computer, including but not limited to: browser and operating system type, visit length, TCP/IP address, Internet Service Provider, and download speeds. This information is not collected in any manner used to identify you, nor will it be used in such a manner, but is used instead to help us provide the user with a more quality experience. Such information may be collected by our third party marketing company, and although this information may be stored by them on our behalf, we maintain control over how the information is used.

Copyright & Trademark Information

All content, text or otherwise, graphics, design, logos, trademarks, and all copyrighted materials (collectively "Content") located on this site are protected by copyright law, and are owned wholly by Swim2000 and/or the contents licensors. Such content shall not be used by any third party without prior written consent of Swim2000 or the content's licensor.

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