Dolphin 1GB Waterproof MP3 Player

Nu Technology
About Dolphin 1GB Waterproof MP3 Player

Waterproof design with MP3 player and earphone!

Product Features include:
  • Recommended for swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and windsurfing
  • Anti-scratch & aluminum strongcasing
  • 8 hours of play-back with rechargable battery powered by USB port
  • Stylish design with fluorescent holder to strap onto swimmer goggles.
  • 1 Gigabyte

Warning! Do not exceed the maximum recommended water depth.
Failure to do so may cause damage to product

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MSRP: $120.00
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Dolphin 1GB Waterproof MP3 Player

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Written by Kathleen near Warrenton.
I found the MP3 player wonderful. It was easy to down load music. I attached the player to my suit strap rather than my goggles. I was able to hear my music clear under the water and do flip turns without any trouble. I found the small ear piece stayed in my ears better then the long ones. For long swims (three to five) miles I was very happy to have music on to help get through. I found it easy to turn on and off loud and soft. I really don't have anything negative. It was well worth it. Thank you

Written by Aurentino near Rio.
I received MP3 Player - Dolphin MP3 player; Nu Technology: Waterproof MP3 Player, but one side of the phone does not work correctly. Are there any noise while music is playing. Kyle Barrett, Swim2000, Inc. email: Unfortunately we do not carry any spare headphones. If you would like to contact Nu directly they may be able to send you a replacement pair, otherwise we will have to exchange the entire unit. Please let me know! But the problem solution I will be made : Unfortunately, after several attempts, got no response from the manufacturer. Placed WD40, which is a type of oil in thin defective phone, which seems to have given result. I hope not need to replace the unit because I use every day. Sometimes, I repeat the process, but a right side of the phones is not same a left. Sorry, but I dont speak english very well.

waterproof mp3 player dolphin 1gb
Written by courtney near nashville,.
I like this product overall, but there were some issues with it - the earpieces always fall out unless I pull my cap way over my ears. Also, one of the earpieces broke and I cannot buy a replacement for it, and now I can't use the mp3 player at all. :( It did last a long time without me having to charge it.

Great gadget, best I've ever had
Written by Piotr Bilinski near Warsaw, Poland.
It is just great. I'm a lap sweamer and I must say that I love my Dolphin !!! The first unit I had bought was defective but I got trouble-free replacement from Swim2000. Since then I've been using the device like 3-4 times a week and my lap trainings have become a real pleasure. Sure, the device lacks few options but when you have same experience with mp3's and can prepare your own playlists and sometimes tweak the files to improve sound quality then you're going to love this player. Takes some time to practice how to place the ear-buds.

doesnt works
Written by axel garibay marin near mexico city.
at the forth time I useed it turn off and still cant turn on my computer dont recognize any more the usb device and it supose the mp3 can reset the settings but dosent do anything and in the page of the maufactur realy dont have any idea about how to fix the problems with his product and dont tell anything about the exchage of the product