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About Blueseventy Nero TX Jammer Male

The highly compressive nature of our TX Diaphanous fabric gives a figure hugging fit to the neroTX range. The end result is a suit that helps to streamline the body shape in the water and therefore make the swimmer go faster.

Years of extensive research and hundreds of thousands of dollars have gone into making sure every neroTX suit provides the perfect fit to facilitate optimal, individual swimming technique. From the very nature of our unique TX fabric, down to the strategic alignment/interplay of shoulder straps and scapular movement, to the pin point accuracy of seam lines, each neroTX has been designed to be a part of you the swimmer, maximising your potential, not working against it.

The ultrasonically welded seams in the neroTX range significantly reduce the drag found in conventionally sewn swimwear. The extremely lightweight nature of our TX fabric further enhances the seam welding leaving an almost undeterminable seam line. The water repellent nature of the suit further increases the ability of the swimmer to slip through the water and therefore reduces passive drag.

Care Instructions
Your neroTX suit is a fragile piece of highly tuned and tested apparel designed to make you swim faster and it needs to be fitted and treated with care and respect. Rinse out in chlorine-free water after each use. Allow to dry inside out and away from direct sunlight before turning the suit back the right way once the internal material has dried. Store dry. Do not leave in direct sunlight, hot vehicles or car boots/trunks for any extended period of time. For best results put on dry, then warm up and re-adjust the suit before racing. An optimum fit is achieved if the suit is readjusted once wet.

FINA approved

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Blueseventy Nero TX Jammer Male

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Blueseventy Nero TX
Written by NIGEL SCOTT-WILLIAMS near Pelham, NY.
Order a 24, am size 27 waist, was extremely tight to put on, but warming up in them as recommended, and then going in the water, it was not too tight at all and came off easily. Haven't timed myself yet, but they didn't seemed to get wet, so absolutely no drag and I felt really fast