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Listening to the hottest album, new track from your favorite artist, or this week’s podcast has never been easier in the water. While your buddies all have to wait to listen to their iPod®’s after doing laps in the pool, surfing, or diving, you can be the envy of the group with your H20Audio waterproof headphones! They are our most popular underwater headphones here at Swim2000, and for good reason: they are reasonably priced and provide rich sound under the water for a more enjoyable swim. Plus the aerodynamic design will not affect your drag in the water. If you’re looking for a pair of headphones that will provide the same great audio but with a little more stability, try the Surge 2G Sportwrap.

For the most popular waterproof mp3 players that we carry, check out the Speedo Aquabeat or the UWaterG4 by Fitness Technologies. And if you like the novelty of listening to music underwater, why not take it one step further and capture your memories in the water using an underwater camera ? We have both film and digital models to fit everyone’s budget. Your memories are precious, so don’t be limited by your standard camera or smartphone- protect them and splurge a little on a waterproof one!

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H2OAudio Surge 2G Waterproof Headphones

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Good not Great
Written by RTL near North Carolina.
Got almost 2 years of pretty hard use out of these in salt and pool water. Good sound. Thick plastic cable protector (of all things) next to the jack finally broke and lost sound in one ear. Still works well on the one side but annoying.