Nike Hydro Towel

About Nike Hydro Towel

PVA towel
Packaged in a reusable tube
27" x 17"
Ultra absorbent
Replaces bulky towels
Ideal for travel

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Nike Hydro Towel

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Hydro Towel
Written by Dee near TX.
The towel felt like rubber when received and used. After rinshing from first use it dried stiff. Rinsed again and still dried stiff. Horrible towel.

Don't believe previous review she doesn't know how to use it
Written by Gabriel near Ft. Worth.
Don't give too much importance to the previews reviewer she obviously doesn't know how to use this type of towels. First and foremost this towel is one of those so-called ultra-absorbent. This means that, when totally dry, it would stay stiff and hard. Once it gets wet, it will stay soft and rubber-like. That characteristic is a property of the materials used to make such towels. For some people is a turn-off; however, the benefits of it is that the towel can absorb a lot of water really fast, therefore, drying you faster. The proper use of this type of towels is really simple. First you never let it dry completely. It has to be a little bit wet so it can be used (otherwise it will stay totally stiff). Then after you finish your workout, use it to ABSORB the water on your body. Once the towel is full of water, hand rinse it and repeat until you are dry. Although it sounds like some work it isn't. You will be dry in no time. Just remember: It's supposed to stay a little bit wet so DON'T completely dry it.