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About Nike Swift Silicone Swim Cap

A revolution in swim cap design. The Nike Swift Cap contours to the head due to its multiple tension design. The opening of the cap uses a firm silicone compound to produce a tight seal. The caps' midsection is soft and pliable to allow a comfortable fit around the ears. To decrease drag and create a wrinkle free surface, the crown of the Nike Swift Cap uses a rigid silicone to mold to the head. All this is achieved while paying particular attention to reduce weight and provide a superior fit.

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Nike Swift Silicone Swim Cap

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OK but NOT Excellent
Written by Phil near California.
The cap is OK overall. I, however, wish the cap were smaller or there were several different sizes for the cap because it does not perfectly fit my head although I believe my head size is AVERAGE. First, the top part of the cap is too big and long and has surplus space when I wear. Second, since I do not cover my ears with the cap, and probably also because the cap is too big again, the part right above ears keeps pressing down my outer ear part. Nike might have made the cap a little bigger to make them more comfortable but, I would NOT like bigger caps than my head size. I have never seen swim caps with different sizes; but if any company starts making them in different sizes, I will definitely buy them. In conclusion, I recommend this cap if your head size is bigger than average or you don't mind wearing a bigger cap.

Needs Improvement
Written by Jeff near Florida.
I must disagree with the reviewer before me when he says this cap is too big. For me the opposite is true. My head is slighty bigger than average so maybe that's why we don't agree. It's definately better than a plain silicone or latex cap but it's just too darn small and tends to slip off my head because of it. If they had used a more flexible grade of silicone this would probably not have been a problem.

Seems small to me also
Written by Fernando near Brazil.
I agree with Jeff, it seems small to me also but I think that's is the way it should be to provide a wrinkle free surface, Phil's ideia is also great diff cap sizes for diff head sizes, than it would be perfect.

Nike Cap
Written by Martin near Saudi.
A great swim cap from Nike. Fits great and looks great!