Nike Team Dome Silicone Swim Cap

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About Nike Team Dome Silicone Swim Cap

Derived from the "Nike Swift Cap" the Team Dome utilizes its contour shape to create even smooth surface. It is designed to use during long training sessions and can accomodate long hair. The unique "dome" surface reduces drag, is 100% silicone, and can be custom printed.

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Nike Team Dome Silicone Swim Cap

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Not an effective cap
Written by HT near Beaverton.
I've been hunting for a swim cap that will stay in place for the 30+ minutes it takes to swim a mile. I liked the idea of the dome cap, figuring it would better fit the shape of my head and thus stay on. I've worn it for 1 3/4 swims and finally tossed it aside during my 2nd swim. I have two issues with it. 1. It doesn't come down very far over my head and doesn't give a snug fit. 2. It loosens on every turn; first it is like having a sheet of plastic slowing me down as I come out of my turn; then after a few more laps it just trails behind my head like a pennant connected to my head only by the goggle straps. Guess I'll go back to cheaper latex caps.

Nice fit
Written by Fernando near Brazil.
It seems smaller than the regular non wrinkle free caps but it fits perfect no wrinkle at all