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About Pool-Mate Swimming Computer

The Pool-Mate uses state of the art accelerometers to measure the movement of the wrist during the swim stroke. Advanced digital signal processing techniques and software algorithms have been developed by our engineers to pick out the stroke and lap information for the recognized swimming strokes. Front Crawl, Back stroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly, all sizes of pool over 15 meters or yards* (see below) and without calibration.

As well as lap counting the Pool-Mate will do much more. It will display and store Session Time, Average Strokes per lap, Speed, Distance, Calories and Efficiency.
In addition to the statistics for the overall session it will record the same data for each individual set so you can see how all these metrics change through a swim session. You can even time your rest periods between sets. All data is stored in a large memory for review during or after a swim session (up to 400 LOGS can be stored). The Pool-Mate is available in different color options - grey/blue, black/blue or hot pink!

As well as full digital watch functions including 12 or 24 hour format, alarm and back light. It also has a useful Chrono mode so you can time your running, cycling, open water swims or triathlons. Making it the perfect sporting accessory.

Numerous studies and respected coaches stress the value of stroke counting as a valued way to improve swimming efficiency. Reducing the number of strokes per lap increases efficiency. The Pool-Mate has a unique swimming efficiency index that gives feedback about the efficiency of your swimming. By monitoring this so you can see how you improve over time.
We have designed a complete bespoke watch specifically for swimmers. All aspects of the watch from the strap to the display and electronics have been designed by Swimovate. Features include lightweight, flexible PU strap, easy to read display, stainless steel buttons, back light and double secure fastening.

The Pool-Mate has been extensively tested by a wide variety of swimmers over a 2 year period. We have a database of hundreds of kms of swimming and an accuracy rate of over 99.75%. The watch has full CE and FCC approvals. Patents have been applied for.

The watch will work with pools over 15m in length. However in order to recognize swimming the watch needs to detect several regular swim strokes, if using a very small pool you may reach the end before this occurs and the watch will not know you are swimming. If this occurs we recommend you try a larger pool. The watch will work best in pools over 20m. It needs setting to the pool length before use- the default setting is 25m.

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Pool-Mate Swimming Computer

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Pool-Mate Swimming Computer
Written by Cindy near Illinois, Elgin Blue Wave.
I love this computer/watch! It is amazing and is just as promised in the description. I was worried that it would measure in yards as well as meters but I was pleased to find that it does. The display is large enough so I can also see it well without my (reading) glasses.