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About Speedo Avenger Female

The perfect suit to get you through the intense game of water polo.

Product Features include:
  • Hi-neck with zipperback styling provides full coverage. Speedo Endurance+ fabric, a new generation of durability and comfort exclusive to Speedo.
  • Environmentally friendly fabric is highly resistant to fading, stretching, and degradation, even after repeated exposure to chlorine, bromine, oils, or body lotions.
  • Fully front lined. Fabric: 50% Polyester/50% PBT.
  • Bar tack reinforcement at stress points
  • Note:The zipper on this suit zips from bottom to top.

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Speedo Avenger Female

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Written by Deb R near CA.
I bought an earlier version of this suit and absolutely loved it. I was thrilled to find it again, albeit, an updated version since my original one was way stretched out. There is nothing practical about this suit for my needs. The back zipper is impossible to zip/unzip on my own and very uncomfortable, especially if I am laying down. Perhaps this suit is only made for water sports but I love the coverage (it is very hard to find both a high neck and back). This one however, is a loser for me. It also runs VERY small. Again for the athlete this is a good thing but I am regularly a size 2, and the size 32 was extremely tight. That would mean I need to go up to a size 34/8. I'm happy to do that IF the suit was comfortable. It's not and will stay in my drawer.

Written by Deb R near Palm Desert.
This suit was purchased to replace an earlier model I had for over 10 years. I absolutely loved it, not only for the design and coverage but for the comfort. This was the closest I could find to my old Speedo but in my opinion, it is inferior. This one is not as flexible as the original making it not as comfortable on, particularly around the high legs. The worst part for me, however, is the zipper. The last one zipped from the bottom up. You could do it yourself and it was softer. This ones zips from top to bottom, which makes it not only difficult to do on your own but more importantly, is very uncomfortable if you're laying on your back or even sitting in a chair with a back. It completely jabs into me. I can't use it at all so for me it was a waste of money. Though a faithful Speedo wearer for many years, I've switched to Nike which has a similar design but with a very comfortable zipper and a true to size fit.