Speedo Best Grab Bag 3 Pack Female

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Speedo Best Grab Bag 3 Pack Female - Thin Strap Thin Strap
About Speedo Best Grab Bag 3 Pack Female

This package is our best grab bag. You may choose the straps of the swimsuits. We will try our best for not duplicating prints, but you may receive 2 identical suits.

Our grab bag suits are a great way to get a new suit at a great price. We've taken last year's prints and drastically cut the price for you. Ideal for practice, vacation or simply lounging at the pool. Tell us your size and we'll do the rest. Exchanges are available for size only.

  • NO DISCOUNT can be applied to Grab Bag Suits. - discount will be removed if you apply a discount code.
  • EXCHANGE FOR SIZE ONLY - The suits can be returned for size exchange only.
  • NO REFUND - We are not issuing refund on grab bag suits.

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Speedo Best Grab Bag 3 Pack Female

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Best Grab Bag
Written by Sheila near UK.
Being able to select brand and style is important as my daughter will currently only wear a certain type of swimsuit. All suits were excellent quality and we were extremely pleased with 2 of them. Unfortunately, one was yellow which is the only colour she does not wear. Perhaps, being able to opt out of a certain colour would be good. It is a bit of a gamble as to how many of the suits you will like. With the 3 suit option we were gambling on 2 being good in order to make it good value and so we were quite happy. If we had received 3 yellow suits then it would have been a waste of money (unless people know of a suitable fabric dye!!) However, I would prefer to be able to select specific suits and pay a slightly higher sale price for each one.

Great Practice Suit Option
Written by Bonnie near Houston.
My daughter practices 6 days a week, not to mention recreational time in the pool, and goes through a fair amount of suits in a year. This is a great option for good quality low cost suits. It would be nice to be able to pick a group of colors - i.e. blues and greens, or reds and yellows - or even choose a preference even if not guaranteed. Fortunately, while she'd pick her favorite colors if she could, she's not overly particular about it so this works okay for us.

grab bag suits
Written by kelly near MI.
Purchased for daughter. I thought the pattern on the suits were awful, but she loved them. Fit is snug, but competition suits are suposed to.

Written by Susan near College.
These suits as always were high quality. The price for grab bags keeps increasing but the quality remains excellent. I would like to have a 6 suit option again.