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About The 7 Competitive Turns with Steve Haufler

Steve Haufler is recognized as one of the best stroke-and-turn instructors in the world. In GO SWIM THE 7 COMPETITIVE TURNS, Steve shares his secrets for teaching the turns that every swimmer must know: flip turns, open turns, and IM transition turns.

Steve's teaching progressions, based on more than 30 years of experience as a coach and learn-to-swim instructor, have proven effective for thousands of swimmers, from beginner to advanced, age group to Masters. They REALLY WORK, and in this video he makes them accessible for every coach and every swim instructor.

By watching Steve as he gives unrehearsed lessons to real swimmers, you'll learn:

• The 7 parts of a highly effective turn... and how to teach them. • A simple, step-by-step progression for teaching each of the 7 competitive turns, including fly to back, fly to fly, breast to breast, breast to free, freestyle flip turns, backstroke flip turns, and four versions of the back-to-breast turn (open, somersault, spin, and crossover) • How to teach basic skills that apply to ALL turns (ready position, push-off, and streamline) • Dryland drills guaranteed to improve your turns • The World's Best Drill for Improving Your Open Turns • How to use tools, toys, and creative drills to speed the learning process

By watching Steve Haufler, you will come away with dozens of inventive and creative ideas for teaching the turns that your swimmers must know to improve their times, win races, and compete at the highest level. He will help you become a more effective teacher and coach.

STEVE HAUFLER, head coach of the Orinda Country Club in Orinda, Californai, is considered by many to be a genius at teaching the fundamentals of strokes and turns, and getting kids ready for competitive swimming. His teaching methods are also knows to instill a lifelong love of swimming, because he knows how to make lessons FUN.

GO SWIM THE 7 COMPETITIVE TURNS was written, filmed, and produced by the team of Glenn Mills, a member of the 1980 USA Olympic Swim Team, and Barbara Hummel,veteran of two Olympic Trials. Both are coaches, learn-to-swim instructors, and World Top-Ten Masters swimmers.

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The 7 Competitive Turns with Steve Haufler

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