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If you’re looking for the best goggle for your next competition, search no further: the View Shinari goggles will serve you well in your quest to be the best. A mirror finish allows you to swim outdoors comfortably, protecting your eyes from the sun’s harsh rays. The sleek design has a reduced resistance compared to other goggles, shaving seconds off your time and helping you grow as a swimmer. You can also choose from three different nose bridges for the perfect fit, making your goggles fit more comfortably and ensuring that no water escapes into the lens.

With the Shinari goggles, your eyes will not only be protected from UV rays, but also water, chemicals, and other particles that can irritate your eyes. Take advantage of the lenses anti-fog treatment and the cushion-seal face pad that will rest comfortably around your eye sockets. The strap is black while the lenses are mirrored and may reflect a few different colors. Toss them in your swim bag with all your other essentials so you’re always ready for a great swim! For more information on View, click here.

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View Shinari Mirror Swim Goggles

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No better goggles
Written by Mauricio F near Brazil.
I really doubt that you can find a better swimming goggles in the world. They are simple, but really very well designied. They are very confortable, and have one of the best vision fields you can find, so they work very well for triathletes and open water swimmers, for training or racing.