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Dawgs USA swim shoes are extremely lightweight and non marking; these can be worn without socks. You will have no worries as these are odor resistant and easy to clean. Dawgs' footwear has adjustable Velcro straps, you can put on according to your size and fit. Having a good packing, they are individually boxed with a carry handle. These also come in different styles, colors and patterns and these are named accordingly. One of the name is Premium Spirits which have a thick cushioning heel that absorbs shock and also helps in reducing foot, hip, knee, back pain and other injuries. Also providing extreme comfort and incredible support, Dawgs USA footwears are soft and strong. These also have ventilation holes that provide maximum air passage and cooling effect with comfortable foot bed and thus preventing bacterial foot diseases and infection. These come in varied colors and combinations including pink, white, black, blue, brown, etc. rnShoes are very important for walking, running, for a swimmer, sportsman and play a significant role in every human being’s life. Dawgs USA water shoes are highly prioritized among swim athletes. These protect your sensitive feet in the pool decks, boardwalks and beaches, letting you enjoy yourself and relax. Having a great style and fit, these will also add elegance to your swim attire. You just need to make a choice from our huge collection in the store. You will be safe from hot sand beaches and pool decks. Made for all genders and ages, these children's and adults' swim shoes will give you a satisfied feeling by involving all of your family in the activity. rnFor men, we have a collection of Dawgs swim shoes depending on the activity involved such as racing, training, recreation, aquatic fitness and guard. We carry all kinds of Dawgs shoes including flip flops, sandals, slippers, and clogs; water shoes, slip on and lace up shoes are available with us. All of these products are long guaranteed and have supreme quality.rnFor women, we have a great collection of water shoes including offshore water shoes, offshore strap water shoes, water shoes, boots, sandals, wedge flip flops, beach runners, and many more. Finding it the most peaceful place to hang around waterfronts, women cannot be kept far from swimming and aquatic activities. Knowing this, we have made available a huge collection of Dawgs swim shoes for women too.rnThe apple doesn't fall far from the tree, so kids are not far from pools, beaches and waterfront, and it is also essential to protect their feet as well. To allow kids to swim safely, we present a wide variety of Dawgs kids' swim shoes. This includes flip flops, sandals, water shoes, clogs and aquatic slippers.rnBesides Dawgs Shoes and slippers, we also have excellent pairs of swimming outfits for men and women.

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