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EQ Swimwear

EQ Swimwear was founded by experienced swimmer Ellen Ferguson in 1999 in Oregon. The company focuses on balancing athleticism with intelligence by creating durable, enduring swimsuits for swimmers of all ages and body types. EQ works to deliver suits that are individually cut and sewn together using lycra and polyester and tested by world class swimmers to ensure that they are of the highest quality, while also providing options like complete customization, team ordering/embroidery, and fitting your suit to your exact measurements. The drive and passion behind EQ (a.k.a. Emotional Quotient) is especially evident with the creation of E.S.P, the EQ Sustainability Project. When EQ Swimwear began manufacturing its own suits, it realized that there were many scraps of fabric leftover that weren't being utilized; they began reclaiming those scraps to create patch worked suits that were fun and fashionable, meanwhile donating 5% of each sale of each sustainable suit to a worthwhile nonprofit organization. By embodying the spirit of enlightenment and endurance in every step of the process from design to production to sale, EQ Swimwear supports the swimming community in all that they need.

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EQ Swim Extreme Lycra Bodysuit Female

EQ Swimming Unitard

View $52.50

1 Review
EQ Swim Extreme Polyester Bodysuit Female

EQ Swim Bodysuit

View $69.95

1 Review
EQ Swim Spectrum Polyester Bodysuit Female

EQ Swim Spectrum Bodysuit Swimsuit

View $76.95

1 Review