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NZ Manufacturing

NZ Manufacturing believes in performance through resistance and as such, makes a variety of products that aim to improve the lives of people through resistance training. NZ Manufacturing makes three main types of resistance tools comprised of a latex/nylon rubber tubing/bungie cord, categorized into StretchCordz, Medicordz, and TurfCordz. StretchCordz are designed for swimmers' exercises like rowing, chest flys, full swimmer pull, and more. Medicordz are intended for use by patients of physical therapy and rehabilitation needs while TurfCordz are primarily used by professional athletes for high-level strength training. Almost forty universities, hospitals, and professional teams utilize NZ Manufacturing products to improve the lives of their patients and athletes.

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StretchCordz with Handles

Strechcordz With Handles

View $48.25

1 Review
StretchCordz Grudge Belt

Strechcordz Grudge Belt

View $54.25

2 Reviews
StretchCordz Knee Elastic

Strechcordz Knee Elastic

View $12.95

2 Reviews