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Ultrak products, a division of CEI, were created to aid athletes, coaches, and individuals with their athletic timing and measurement needs. Based in California, CEI's Ultrak products include pedometers, timers, scoreboards, tally counters, and sport watches. What Ultrak is best known for is their stopwatches, offering several different kinds with various colors, sizes and extra functions. You can choose from basic Ultrak stopwatches for occasional timers, volunteers, or students or a professional stopwatch that is better suited for referees, coaches, and sports professionals.rnrnUltrak also produces a few unique stopwatch products to help you multitask: their stopwatch/printer and clipboard with calculator and stopwatch are for those who need to manage several tasks at once. They also produce a mechanical stopwatch that looks like a stopwatch your grandfather or great-grandfather would have used. It is classically designed and made with rugged steel for long life and extreme durability. Ultrak products are designed to help sports professionals, athletes and their coaches, and trainers keep better time and take better measurements of all their workouts and competitions.

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Ultrak 100 Lap Memory Stopwatch

Ultrak 100 Lap Memory Stopwatch

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