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Warm Belly

Warm Belly Wetsuits was devised when Greg Colyar noticed that his daughter and other children got too distracted and uncomfortable in the water because of the excessive heat loss they experienced while swimming and playing. Colyar had his own experience surfing in very cold water and staying warm using a neoprene wetsuit, and designed a children's version to perform the same function, especially for use while at the lake, river, beach, or during swim lessons. Each wetsuit costs just $32 and is adjustable so that it grows with your child. The wetsuits work by keeping the same water close to the body so it can be heated by the child's body temperature. Without the wetsuit, that water would move away from the body, allowing cool water to replace it and pull more heat from the body. The wetsuits also completely protect the covered body from UV rays! Warm Belly Wetsuits will make sure that your child has fun, stays safe and keeps warm while exploring the water. Shop kids' wetsuits for sale below.

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