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Bathing Caps

Bathing caps are usually made from either lyrca or silicone to maximize comfort for the swimmer.

Note: these caps are not designed for competitive swimming.

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Swim Cap With Chin Strap

Swim Cap With Chin Strap

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5 Reviews

Aqua Sphere Cap Aqua Comfort

Aqua Sphere Cap Aqua Comfort

$15.99 19.99

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8 Reviews

bathing caps

As usual Speedo is manufacturing very nice Bathing Caps

Main purpose of Bathing caps is to hold your hair while swimming laps or while water exercising.

Nowadays - Manufactures make bathing caps with rubber or silicone. Most of them have a chin strap that helps swimmers or water aerobic enthusiasts keep the bathing cap in place.

Alternative to Bathing Caps

We strongly recommend Lycra Swim Caps.

If made from silicone, they will often be molded in a textured or bubble pattern to prevent pulling hair.

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