Competition Swimsuits | Traditional or Racing Swimsuits
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Competition Swimsuits

Racing Swimsuits Specific (meaning used in Competition/races only)

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Speedo Powerplus Kneeskin

Speedo Powerplus Kneeskin

$79.20 99.00

5 Reviews

Speedo Solid Super Proback

Speedo Solid Super Proback

$51.20 64.00

3 Reviews

This is a selection of competition swimsuits. These are mostly lycra swimsuits. Lycra is a better fabric for racing swimsuits compared to polyester, which is preferred for training.

Among the most popular suits on our site - you can find the Speedo Endurance Womens Swimsuits. Made of Polyester, these swimsuits last much longer.

Competition swimsuits are not technical swimsuits. Please refer to either of these categories to view technical swimsuits: Women's Technical Swimsuits and Men's Technical Swimsuits.

Racing Swimsuits vs. Technical Swimwear

Racing Swimsuits and Technical Swimwear are women's and men's competition swimwear that are usually used for Competitive Swimming only. These are HIGH-END swimwear and should be used for your top 1-2 swim meets of the year. The fabric for these racing swimsuits is delicate - so use it only for the races (no warm up or warm down). View our collection of technical racing swimsuits.