Men's Drag Suits for Swimming | Drag Swimsuits
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Drag Suits

Drag Suits are male swimsuits used to increase drag or resistance in the water.

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drag suits

Drag Suits or Training Suits

"Drag Suits" is a term used by manufacturers and swimmers to designate a particular type of swimsuit used during training. It is usually a box cut, fits more loosely than a brief or swim jammer, and has two layers of fabric to increase resistance during a workout.

Drag swimsuits are extremely popular among male swimmers - but is also used by women who wear it above their regular swimsuits.

What fabric is used in Drag Suits?

It is either made of Polyester or Nylon. Long lasting fabrics, very resistant to chlorine. It isn't unusual to have a drag suit for years.

What is the most popular brand when it comes to Men's Drag Suits for swimming?

Speedo remains the #1 reference in this category, but we must say that Nike is making very cool drag suits.