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TYR Goggles

tyr Goggles




With their rich history in competitive and open water swimming, TYR has a wide selection of goggle styles and accessories to suit your specific needs. 


Browse our selection of clear, tinted and mirrored goggles for lap swimming, open water swimming and triathlons. Socket Rockets 2.0 are one of the most popular goggles that TYR offers, with a classic Swedish design, a comfortable TPR gasket, and vibrant colors. 


Check out the Tracer-X Racing and Tracer-X Elite Racing for superior visual clarity and hydrodynamics. Or see the Special Ops 3.0 Polarized and Women’s Special Ops 3.0 Polarized for stunning glare reduction and comfort in challenging open-water conditions. 


See what else TYR has to offer from swimwear, training gear, and clothing.

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Speedo Solid Endurance Brief

Tyr Prescription Swim Goggles

$18.39 22.99

21 Reviews

Speedo Solid Endurance Brief

Tyr Team Sprint Goggles

$7.19 8.99

2 Reviews

Speedo Solid Endurance Brief

Tyr Anti Fog Spray

$4.79 5.99

5 Reviews

Speedo Solid Endurance Brief

Tyr Racetech

$9.59 11.99

10 Reviews