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Swim Jammers

The TYR brand has been developing some new patterns for jammers swimwear that are particularly popular.

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Speedo Men's Pro LT Jammer

Speedo Men's Pro LT Jammer

$26.24 34.99

2 Reviews

TYR Swim Jammer Solid

TYR Swim Jammer Solid

$39.99 49.99

2 Reviews

Tyr Durafast Jammer Solid

Tyr Durafast Jammer Solid

$43.99 54.99

1 Review

Swim Jammers vs. Swim Briefs

Both are popular but Jammers Swimwear are popular among younger swimmers - Briefs on the other hand - are getting more and more popular with Teenagers.

If you wish to keep a more conservative look, men's jammer swimsuits are the way to go.

Swim Jammers are excellent Racing Swimsuits

Men's Technical Swimsuits are a must-have in Competition. Not only is the material and technology used in these suits more advanced, but these Swimming Jammers for men provide muscle compression necessary when you swim at the elite level.

Long Lasting Swim Jammers

Speedo Endurance Jammers are our most popular swimming jammers for men. They are conservative and Long Lasting. Perfect for those long workouts.


What is a Swim Jammer?

A jammer is a Male Lycra or Polyester Swimsuit that goes from the waist to the knee. It provides more coverage to young swimmers who usually prefer this type of swimwear. Young swimmers may also need a lot of equipment for practice and competition, including goggles, caps, and other swim gear.

swim jammers


For a more specific definition of Swim Jammers - Check Wikipedia