Arena Tech Suits Womens Powerskin Carbon Glide CBs
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Arena Women's Tech Suit Powerskin Carbon Glide Closed Back

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Feel the exhilarating speed of the Arena Powerskin Carbon Glide Closed Back, designed with two brand new fabrics that combine for an unbelievable rush in the water. The external Hydroglide fabric is super thin and streamlined, lowering drag and reducing turbulence in critical zones. Inside, the dense grid of the Carbon Extreme Cage compresses specific muscle groups, while a unique internal taping structure strategically activates your muscles and provides exceptional support, body hold and streamlined speed. This closed back style is great for athletes looking for enhanced upper body support and a sensational underwater glide.

Product Features:
  • Outer Shell Fabric 1 (Hydroglide): 58% Polyamide - 42% Elastane
  • Outer Shell Fabric 2: 64% Polyamide - 34% Elastane - 2% Carbon Fiber
  • Inside Lining: 49% Polyamide - 50% Elastane - 1% Carbon Fiber
  • Dense carbon grid ensures strong compression with a light feel
  • Low drag, Low profile, and Ultralight


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