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ISHOF SaferSwimmer Floating Buoy Large

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The ISHOF SaferSwimmer Float is specifically designed to provide a safety aide for open water swimmers, serving three important functions without hindering performance or hindering your stroke.

Product Features:
  • It makes you visible to boaters, jet skiis, kite boarders or other potential human hazards while you are swimming;
  • It can be used as a floatation device when you need it in the case of cramps, dizziness or injury and it can also be used to rescue others;
  • It can also keep your stuff safe while your swimming or allows you to take along your stuff on one-way swims across rivers or lakes.
  • ISHOF SaferSwimmer Float comes in two sizes. While both will keep a grown adult buoyant the main differences between the SF-04 and SF-06 are that the SF-06 is able to carry more stuff and has a slightly higher profile in the water.
  • DIMENSIONS: 64X30 CM 25x12 IN


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