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Phelps Strength Training Paddle


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Add the missing power to your best swimming stroke with the new Phelps Strength Paddles. Providing ample water resistance to build strength while committing the action to muscle memory. Get a leg up on competition that just lift weight by adding resistance when pulling water to activate and train the correct muscles for the job.

Please mind your size and regime as over excursion can lead to injury, thank you.

Product Features:
  • Builds Strength - Paddles create resistance, strengthening your swim muscles with each stroke to build power and endurance
  • Reinforces Proper Technique - Designed to mimic the natural bone structure of the hand for a more natural pulling motion
  • Natural Feel - Vents and palm risers enhance feel for the water
  • Comfortable Fit - Ergonomic wrist strap and finger loop are fully adjustable, durable and streamlined


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