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3 Reviews

Pull Buoy 2 Pieces

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product details

Pull Buoys are an excellent training device for developing endurance and upper body strength.

Product Features include:
  • It allows the swimmer to give the arms an intense workout by providing flotational support for hips and legs.
  • Workout length can be increased, good body position and sound technique can be established and a two-sided breathing rhythm can be refined
  • Standard Size is 6"


(3 Reviews)

two piece pull-buoy my favorite


I like these 2-piece buoys, though I do mod them by putting a buckle on one side. Otherwise swimmers damage them trying to adjust.

Old School and Awesome

Jane S, Tampa, FL

I have no idea why anyone would buy a single piece buoy when these are so much better. You can dial in a nice, snug fit rather than being stuck with the one-size-fits-all shape of the single piece type. Be sure to check the fit on dry land, as it does take a little more effort to adjust. But once set, there's no way it's going to loosen up on you like the buckle used on other 2-piece buoys.

2 piece pull buoy


For those who do not like the one piece figure 8 [or infinity] pull buoy because it keeps slipping away, this old style buoy is the solution. Used it this morning for the first time [my birthday] and I was delighted!!!