Speedo Fastskin3 Competition Cap | 3D Swimming Cap
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Speedo Fastskin3 Competition Cap

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product details

The world's first cap featuring the IQ Fit Profile, and designed using accurate head mapping data; creating optimum comfort, outstanding hydrodynamic performance, improved fit and ease of use. Reduces drag by 5.7% if used in conjunction with Fastskin3 Goggles.

Product Details include:
  • Developed as part of the world's first Racing System, engineering cap, goggles and suit to work in harmony.
  • The first true 3D cap created by Speedo Aqualab and based on accurate global head scanning data.
  • Designed for real head and face contours.
  • Improved drag reduction, comfort, and fit accuracy.
  • Use the Fit Point Marker to easily align your cap and Fastskin3 goggles.
  • Striking iconic design is cohesive across suit, cap and goggles, making a statement to your opponents.
  • Also available in White (Style 7518024)
  • Fabric Content:// 100% Silicone.
  • If you have long hair we recommend you wear the Fastskin3 Hair Management System under your cap (Style 7518025 ).
  • This product has been fully approved by FINA.
  • This cap is designed to be worn with Speedo Fastskin 3 Elite Mirrored Goggle

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(1 Review)

Great Cap, Not crazy about changes!


My son also got this cap about 2 or 3 years ago. He loves it. It's white, and was looking a little worn, so he wanted a new one. I happily bought it for him but was disappointed that this new cap doesn't have the blue/black "design" on the back, like the old cap did. Not sure if they changed the style and any have that design, but I was disappointed. Will be keeping the cap, just wish that it had the original design from a few years ago.