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Straight-arm Freestyle

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Do you need a little assistance in the pool? Is your freestyle stroke just not shaping up to what you would like? Scott Tucker, an accomplished swimmer who has received both gold and silver Olympic medals, is featured in this video from Go Swim.

Product Features include:
  • He shares his key focus points that will help you develop your freestyle technique. These tips will work for every level of swimmer, whether you're a novice or a Masters swimmer, and you can begin to apply them to your routine right away.
  • After watching this video, you can incorporate his tips slowly into your workout by adding a technique or two as often as you’d like until you've met your swimming goals.
  • The video even includes footage of Scott swimming combined with clear instructions so you can have a visual example of his technique that you can mimic next time you are doing laps. Whether you're interested in learning the basics of freestyle or perfecting your style, this video will give you the tools you need to do it!

In the Go Swim Straight Arm Freestyle video, Scott's focus points are shown from multiple angles, including side, head on, below, rear, and even from above and below the surface. There are also slow-motion and freeze-frame footage so you can zoom in and really see how the moves are done. Also included is a laminated stroke guide that you can toss in your workout bag and reference once you're in the pool. Make sure you also visit the bonus section in the video to get a look at Scott’s starts, flip turns, and drills.

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