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Swim Bike Run

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On race day, you’ll be pushing past hundreds (or maybe even thousands!) of other athletes who have the same goal as you: push harder, go faster, and come out on top. They’ve all trained just like you. So you may need to amp up your training with a little professional advice- that’s where Swim, Bike, Run comes in. This book will fill in all the gaps in your training to make you a more efficient triathlete.

Product Features include:
  • Race smarter and faster after refining your swimming, biking, and running techniques using expertise from Wes Hobson, whose information on injury prevention, nutrition, mental training, and planning your season will become invaluable as part of your preparation for race day.
  • You’ll also learn how to incorporate the latest technology and equipment into your workouts for the best results. Customize your routine with different programs for different race distances/conditions to mimic the big day.
  • Of course, Hobson also includes what he’s learned from his own personal experiences so that you can grow, too! He makes it clear that making the change to improve your own triathlon training comes from you; you have to be motivated to want it. So take the first step and invest in Swim, Bike, Run for results that you’ll be proud of!
  • 264 pages.

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