The Blueprint - Technique and Training for Triathletes
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Triathlon Blueprint

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with Clark Campbell, former Professional Triathlete and University of Kansas Swimming Coach

In a classroom setting, Campbell takes you through every conceivable strategic aspect of developing and implementing an effective, time efficient, and scientifically sound year-round training plan. Campbell also discusses: * How to add a training program to your already busy schedule * How to develop a racing schedule * How to develop a year-round, four-phase training program --- including considerations for a single sport season * Weekly training cycles that properly break down your training between each event * Racing strategies including tactical, physiological, and mental considerations.

An excellent, well-thought-out "blueprint" that will help the novice or the aspiring pro!

32 minutes. 2005.

If you're looking to improve your athletic abilities, videos from Championship Productions will function as a great guide!


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