Triathlon Running Technique | DVD |
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Triathlon Running Technique

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With Clark Campbell, former Professional Triathlete and University of Kansas Swimming Coach. Two parts!

  • Part 1:
    • Proper Running Technique, Campbell begins on the track focusing on establishing an efficient running posture and proper breathing techniques to maximize efficiency.
    • He then discusses and demonstrates common errors in running form. Next, Campbell teaches drills that you can use to ensure proper running form and maximum speed. He then moves from the track to the hill for specific technique instruction covering uphill and downhill form and strategies.
  • In Part 2:
    • Training, Campbell offers a classroom lesson that includes: implementing heart rate and pace for training considerations, establishing and utilizing training zones, and the importance of utilizing different terrain for quality workouts.
    • Also included are tips on incorporating the long run (using speed bursts - SBs), bricks, and road/track races as a part of training.
  • 42 minutes. 2005.

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