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Trislide Skin Silicone Spray

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product details

TRISLIDE, the original continuous spray skin lubricant, prevents chamois chafing and helps ease entries/exits from wetsuits and tech suits. TRISLIDE also prevents blistering on feet and skin chafing. Spray directly on prone-to-problem areas of the skin, TRISLIDE will last for hours! Compared to other skin lubricants, TRISLIDE is water and sweat resistant. It is only removed with the combination of soap and water so staining and build-up on clothes is not an issue. With a single press, the product sprays on quickly, evenly, and leaves a silky feel on the skin while allowing it to still breathe. TRISLIDE is a hygienic application which allows the can to be passed around and shared. Manufactured by SBR SPORTS INC, est. 2004.

Product Features include:
  • Directly spray on skin, TRISLIDE will prevent chamois chafing found in cycling
  • Anti-chafe, anti-friction (bra, inner thigh, underarm)
  • Prevents blistering on feet
  • The original aerosol spray skin lubricant helps ease entries into wetsuits & swim tech suits
  • TRISLIDE helps prevent tearing in wetsuits & swim tech suits
  • Quick exits from wetsuits will improve Transition 1 times in triathlons
  • Prevents strap and seam chafing
  • Will not clog pores due to the large molecules in product, allowing skin to sweat.
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Only removed with the combination of soap & water
  • Safe on all fabric including Neoprene and Lycra
  • Clean spray / silky feel / fragrance-free
  • 4 oz.

Note: Due to the container of this product, it can only be shipped within the continental United States

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(1 Review)

Fantastic Product

Ginger S, Alabama

You can use this to prevent chaffing, to put on wetsuits, and techsuits! It is a spray so you can share it, better than using the same stick glide!!