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Tyr Aquatic Fitness Kit

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Speedo Hydrosity Goggles

Speedo Hydrosity Goggles

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Tyr Aquatic Resistance Belt

Tyr Aquatic Resistance Belt

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Boost your water workout with the Tyr Aquatic Fitness Kit!

Product Features:
  • The LAQFKIT comes with a power trio of toning tools, including aquatic resistance dumbbells, aquatic flotation belt and neoprene aquatic resistance gloves (medium).
  • The Aquatic Resistance Dumbbells provide flotation and resistance in order to help build upper body strength. Engineered with EVA foam, these dumbbells are extremely lightweight and buoyant.
  • They are also chlorine resistant and flexible, thanks to their closed cell construction. This aquatic fitness equipment features easy-to-hold, soft grips, making it ideal for long workouts.
  • The Aquatic Flotation Belt provides excellent flotation to help maximize your full body workout routines. The adjustable belt and clip system accommodates various body types and makes for a secure, perfect fit every time. Constructed with ergonomically designed EVA foam, it is one of the most soft and comfortable aquatic flotation belts on the market.
  • The Neoprene Aquatic Resistance Gloves are perfect for upper body aquatic resistance training. Constructed with neoprene, these gloves are durable and designed to retain body heat. They feature a wrist closure for easy adjustment and a rubber coated palm for a secure, non-slip grip. Webbed finger panels create better resistance, while exposed fingertips allow for better water feel.


(2 Reviews)

Water Therapy

Debra M, Arizona

If you are looking for an amazing water therapy workout; this is the starting point for your health to be fit. I create my own exciting workouts weekly, in order to keep myself excited to do my laps. Warm Regards, :)