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21 Reviews

Tyr Prescription Swim Goggles

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product details

Train hard, train smart with the Corrective Optical Goggle. The LGOPT provides crystal clear vision and is an excellent alternative to contacts.

Product Details include:
  • Perfect for training and recreation.
  • wide angle, optical grade, polycarbonate lenses in corrective diopters (-2.0 through -8.0)
  • Universal eye socket frame provides a perfect, fuss-free fit for all swimmers
  • Thermal Plastic Rubber gaskets for leak-proof protection
  • Durable split TPR headstrap for a secure fit
  • Easy adjust snap-lock side clips make sizing a cinch

Not sure how to choose the Prescription you need? Please refer to our guide on How To Choose Prescription Swimming Goggles
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(21 Reviews)



Nice inexpensive alternative to custom googles that keep getting lost.


Robert W., Trumbull, CT


Corrective Swim googles


My 12 yr old had a hard time seeing what the instructor was doing and these help her to see in and out of the pool. They are GREAT!! No fogging and fit well.

Swim prescription goggles


I've been using Swim2000 for prescription swim goggles for my son for a few years. Very happy with the quality and price.

Corrective Optical Swim Goggles


These are very comfortable and easily adjustable swim goggles. Although I haven't tried them in the water yet, I put them on at my desk and the vision correction is surprisingly good. Can't wait to try them in the water!

TYR corrective optical swim goggles


I am waiting for goggles which are truly anti-fog for a 1 hour swim.

prescription googles


Great value



still wear hind compy foam gasket goggles in pool races but these are my go to for open water races as they are reasonably priced, soft comfortable gasket (that I've swam 10ks without them sucking my face off), and potentially you could buy two and mix and match the prescriptions (mine are close enough, I don't bother).

exceptional price to see well enough


A joy to swim and see at the same time. Wish I had purchased these goggles years ago. Never leak. 1 year of use 3x/week. Minor pressure point on bridge of nose.

Tyr Corrective Optical Swim Goggles (-5.00)


I've been swimming regularly for 32 years, 15 of them with contacts. Once I could no longer use contacts, I was swimming blind! But prescription goggles were simply too expensive. These Tyr goggles fit the bill perfectly! It's like coming into the light out of the dark! Thank you for this excellent, (finally) affordable product.

Now I can see...

MARK KATZ, Portland, OR

I'd been resigned to seeing the world as a blur when I swim. With theses goggles I can see! (identify people, read the clock...)

TYR Optical goggles

Robin H, Canada

As an AG triathlete of 60+ with very Bad eye site -8 diopter I found these goggles to be the best I have tried, the fit is great as is the comfort, I swim 3 to 4 times a week and each pair seem to last between a year to 16 months before they get to beat up and need replacing. I have tried other types but keep coming back to the TYR Opticals. If you need glasses to see then these are the ticket.

Tyr Corrective Swim Goggles

Helen, Omaha, Nebraska

I am lost without my corrective swim goggles, having terrible eyesight for most of my life. I am a lap swimmer and enjoy being able to see how many other people are in the pool, being able to read the time on the clock at the end of the room, being able to see the floor of the pool. Without my corrective goggles, it's all a blur. The TYR corrective goggles are far superior to any of the Speedo corrective goggles I have had. The latest Speedo corrective goggles I have bought fogged up so badly and so quickly that I might have well just worn regular goggles. I couldn't see anything! I have been wearing my newest pair of TYRs and they are still crisp and clear through my entire swim, every day. They are comfortable and absolutely do not leak. The Speedos leaked, and were hard to adjust. The Speedo headstrap was too short for my big head. My TYR swimsuits work much better for me, too, than any Speedo I have ever tried to manage. Thanks, TYR!

Optical Goggles

Eve, St.

A bit more expensive than Speedo Optical, but we changed brand to TYR because the Speedo optical goggles kept breaking at the junction between the goggle eyepiece and the nose joint. Too early to tell. The Speedo goggles lasted about 2 months before breaking - we're looking to get a longer life out of the TYR goggles. Better visibility w/TYR goggle. Replaced head strap w/bungee - the thick strap seems to slip more.

Great pair of googles

Vuk Aleksic, Belgrade, Serbia

with good price

great goggle

bob, colorado

great goggle

I must have been on Mars

Reality Man, Colorado Springs

Did not know these were available. Much better than fooling with contacts. It is also a pleasure when your goggles are not scratched. If you have a prescription, you must try these.

corrective goggles

Darold, Oklahoma

These goggles are exactly what I need, since I am near sighted. I would suggest anyone buying these alose get a case (to protect them in the gym bag- and thus extend their life) and some anti-fog spray to extend their usefulness. I swim twice a day and I antifog mine once a week and it works perfectly. Just be sure to get the correct correction when you buy


Jeanne, Texas

For any child with visual problems - this is a must! We've been purchasing these goggles for 4 years. My son is on the swim team and is now getting first place ribbons instead of 4th because he's not afraid of hitting the wall and can see the competition. He can see everything clearly. These have given him great confidence and for such a low price it's definately a great buy!

Corrective Optical Goggles

Ray Yang, Amazon

This potical goggles work very well. It is anti-frog, too.

Tyr Optical

Ellen, Online

Great seal, adjustment, comfort and durability! Must have for near-sighted swimmers. I started using these a decade ago when my youngest daughter nearly drowned within my arms reach in a life-guarded, uncrowded pool because I could not see her!! Before using these, I was afraid to swim because I couldn't see! Now, I LOVE swimming!!