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Tyr Durafast Elite Solid Racer Male product image

2 Reviews

Tyr Durafast Elite Solid Racer

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Tyr Solid Racer

Tyr Solid Racer

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product details

The High denier poly fiber is able to sustain 300+ hours of use!

Product Features include:
  • Durafast Elite: 94% Polyester/6% Spandex.
  • 100% chlorine-proof.
  • 100% colorfastness.
  • Circular knit construction.
  • Durable, flexible and comfortable.
  • High denier poly fiber.

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(2 Reviews)

front pouch design


I am a long time triatlete and have always worn Tyr male swimsuits (and other Tyr gear). In the past the swimsuits had a extra layer of cloth on the front inside of the suit. This extra layer of fabric as often white in color and triangular in shape. It ade the front of the suit smooth and less liley to show the outline of the male form. It provided an extra layer of modesty for the male wearer. That layer of fabric is no longer part of the suit. i miss it and i am not as comfortable wearing the suit in public as i was with the suits that had this panel of fabric . wish you would put the fabric back in the suits - i would even pay a bit more if it was optional.

Tyr Durafast Elite Solid Racer Male (black color)


I am an older male triathlete. Competing is my passion and pleasure. i swim 2-3 hours a day about 5 days a week. Tyr Durafast Elite Solid Racer Male is a great swim suit. my swim suits get a lot of hard use with many hours in the pool and the hot tub -- and the TYR suit endures. i buy several suits a year and have for many years - always a TYR Durafast Elite Solid Black Racer!!!