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Brand: SBR Sports

TRISWIM Conditioner 32 oz

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Original price $66.00
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Product ID: TSC32


Nourish your hair with TRISWIM Conditioner – a game-changer for swimmers and active individuals! Our 32 oz bottle is specially crafted to combat the harsh effects of Chlorine, Bromine, Hard Water Minerals, Salt, and Sun exposure. Packed with Keratin, Proteins, and mega nutrients, it leaves your hair irresistibly soft, healthy, and shiny. The delightful Pineapple + Mango scent adds a tropical touch. Trusted by top organizations like United States Masters Swimming and USA Water Polo, TRISWIM is the #1 choice for swimmers' hair and skin care. Elevate your post-swim routine – grab your TRISWIM Conditioner now!rn

Product Features:

  • Pineapple + Mango scent
  • Keratin
  • mega nutrients