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LORI on Jul 15, 2019



PAM on Jul 9, 2019


Easy to place order. Shipping was half the price of the product, but I guess that's how it goes.

Marsha on Jul 6, 2019


Never got the suit! Got a message it had been delivered. The tracking number, said it went to New York instead of West Palm Beach, where I live. I spoke to the post office at that address area code and they said they have seen more than one time, 2 packages getting the same. Tracking number So when that package was delivered. It said mine was delivered and it wasn't I never got it. Swim 2000, said it must be lost in the mail they cancelled my order. They said they called Dolphin and that suit was not gonna be made anymore. So it could not even be back ordered. I told him if it ever came back, I wanted this suit. They said they would refund my money. I ordered a size small and I'm holding on to it in case the other one finds its way back to them, I will swap them out. I ordered it through Amazon and when I ordered the the size small they cancelled my order. I've been found that there are issues between swim 2000 and Amazon. So I had to order it directly from from swim 2000.

Robert on Jun 24, 2019


Everything regarding the purchase went well. The delivery times did leave something to be desired. It seemed way to long to wait for delivery. Paul

LINDSAY on Jun 20, 2019


really glad i found a size 18 for my son, but it took over 3.5 weeks for them to arrive at my house. Disappointed in the communication when my son wanted them for his first swim meet on June 5th. We received late in the day on June 6th.