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What Customers Are Saying...


Reviewing: Tyr Swim Parka

Great for cool weather swim exit

ROBERT G., SARASOTA, FL | Oct 1 2015

Very happy with the product


Reviewing: Tyr Swim Parka

Better size chart neede.

MARIETTA H., MARANA, AZ | Sep 21 2015

Had to return parka for smaller size. Still worried it may be too big when I get the exchange.


Reviewing: Nike Swim Parka Youth

Helpful sizing chart


I had been looking for these Parkas everywhere. For some reason, no sports stores carry them - I was really concerned about which size to choose for my 7 year-old. What made me prefer ordering on this site (for the first time) over Amazon was the sizing chart. It was really helpful. My daughter hasn't had the chance to wear the parka yet, but I'm sure it will keep her warm while waiting for her turn to swim.