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Facilities and Equipment of Swimming: Pace Clocks and Racing Swim Lanes!

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Swimming Facilities and Deck Equipment

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Gold Medal Lane Lines 60 Feet
15in Battery Powered Pace Clock
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About Deck Equipment

Even though, Swimmers, Parents, Coaches don't pay attention to them - Deck Equipment is all over the place - Just check the different swim lanes, pace clocks or backstroke flags.

Every Swim Team must have one or several Pace Clocks for Their Swimmers!»

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Reviewing: Pace Clock White

Pool Deck Pace Clock 15 inch

bruce, San Diego | Aug 3 2007

Fairly easy to assemble and use. Unfortunately the batteries wear out quickly, I use it 3x/wk for 30 mins and the second had often sticks and takes a while to start after the auto on button is pressed.