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Lifeguard Apparel Including Swimsuits, T-Shirts, Shorts and Parkas ...

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Lifeguard Apparel

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Lifeguard Apparel

Lifeguards are present everywhere there is water. Either it is a municipal pool, a hotel pool, a parks & recreation lake or beach - we can locate lifeguard very easily. Why is this?

    Very simply, they all wear Lifeguard Apparel or lifeguard uniforms. Most of the time the lifeguard gear comprises of the following: A swimsuit with a lifeguard logo on it, a hat or visor, a whistle, and some lifeguard accessories like a first aid kit to save lives. Sometimes lifeguards wear sun protection clothing such as rashguards or warmwear jackets to get additional protection against weather conditions.

Lifeguard apparel includes the following: Lifeguard shirts - Lifeguard Suits Red - Lifeguard Shorts Red

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Reviewing: Tyr Guard Crosscutfit Workout Bikini

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AL M., HACKETTSTOWN, NJ | Jul 18 2016

TYR is the best, great for work and it looks terrific on.


Reviewing: Tyr Guard Workout Bikini

Tyr products are top of the line

AL M., HACKETTSTOWN, NJ | Jul 18 2016

Great Suit for work and it looks great on!!!


Reviewing: Dolfin Guard Water Short

Quality of products

GEORGE L., YORK, PA | Jul 15 2016

Products are always to my liking