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Personal Care

Spending countless hours in a pool can have serious effects on your skin or hair. Here are some common problems associated with chlorine exposure and solutions to those problems.

Effects of chlorinated water on your skin: Dry skin and itching.

Solution: Rinse off with clear and fresh water after each swim or practice. Use a body wash or a soap that helps remove the chlorine side effects. Apply lotion. Consider Summer Solution Soap bar or triswim body wash »

Effects of chlorine on your hair: Dry and rough hair

Solution: Wear a swim cap during your swim. After your workout, rinse off with clear and fresh water. Wash and rinse your hair with swimming shampoo and conditioner. It helps remove chlorine and repair the damaged hairs. Some of the most popular swimming shampoos are Ultra Swim shampoo and Ultra Swim conditioner »

A little bit of time spent to wash/rinse can prevent chlorine effects on your skin and hairs. Shop personal care products »

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What Customers Are Saying...


Reviewing: Swimwear Solution

Excellent product


It reduces the effects of chlorine on bathing suits, keeping them in usable shape longer.


Reviewing: Triswim Lotion



My regular lotion.


Reviewing: Summer Solutions Soap Bar

Saves my swimming!

MARTHA M., HOUSTON, TX | Oct 11 2015

I'm allergic to chlorine and pool chemicals. I can swim 3 days a week and a 3-day meet without any problem thanks to Summer Solutions Bar Soap.