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Swedish Goggles

Swedish Goggles have been around 50 years

Swedish goggles are the # 1 choice for all competitive swimmers. Small, Easy to assemble - they have almost no drags when swimming competitively. They are also very comfortable - Even though some swimmers will argue on this.

Associated with a bungee straps - You can probably wear the Swedish Goggles for ever. You will get tired of it before it breaks - You will want to choose a different color for variety. Indeed, check out the new colors that just came out Jewel Swedish goggles.

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Original Swedish Swim Goggles

Original Swedish Goggles

View $3.95

13 Reviews
Water Gear Latex Swedish Goggles Strap

Swedish Goggle Straps

View $2.95

2 Reviews
Water Gear Swedish Pro Swim Goggles

Swedish Style Goggles

View $3.95

1 Review
Original Swedish Goggles Jewel

Swedish Goggles Jewel Collection

View $12.95

1 Review
Speedo Swedish 2-Pack Swim Goggles v3

Speedo Swedish Goggles

View $13.95

1 Review
Tyr Socket Rockets Swim Goggles

Tyr Socket Rocket 2.0 Goggles

View $6.95

1 Review
Water Gear Metallic Swedish Pro Anti-Fog Swim Goggles

Mirrored Swedish Goggles

View $8.95

1 Review
Nike Resolute Mirror Swim Goggles

Nike Resolute Mirror Goggles

View $14.00

1 Review