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Swim goggles are the most important piece of swim gear after your swimsuit. That is why it is necessary to spend time choosing the correct one. But how do you choose it?

First you need to decide what the goggle will be used for. Are you going to use it for racing in a pool, racing in an open water event, or just for practice or lap swimming?

For racing in a swimming pool: Racing goggles should be low profile to reduce drag as much as possible. The lens color can vary from clear lenses to mirrored lenses. This depends on whether you swim in an indoor pool or an outdoor pool. It is recommended to use clear lenses when you swim inside. Mirrored Lenses are most appropriate for outdoor swimming.
Most popular goggles for racing » Swedish Goggles

For open water events, swim goggles with larger frames seem to have preference. Indeed, during open water swimming it is important to have the widest vision possible. This is due to the fact that in those events, swimmers swim in a pack, and it is preferable to see your competitors. As those events are usually in lakes or oceans, mirrored lenses would be a good choice.
Most popular goggles for open water swimming » Aqua Sphere Goggles

For practice or lap swimming: Simply, choose the pair that is the most comfortable. Large or small frames don't make a difference. Color on the other hand is important. Clear lenses are better for indoor swimming; smoke or mirrored lenses are recommended for outdoor swimming.

Here are some of the most common questions about swim goggles?

1) Do goggles leak?
Speaking without irony or sarcasm, goggles don't leak. Manufacturers don't make leaking goggles.
There are 2 major reasons why people think that their swim goggles are leaking - 1) the swimmer chose the incorrect fit for him/her. The goggles may be too big or too small. Choosing your goggles is like choosing running shoes. You will have to try several kinds in order to find the one that will fit you best. 2) the swimmer wears the goggles incorrectly. Most swimmers wear the goggle straps too low, near their ears. This isn't the proper way to wear it. The best position is to keep the goggles straps as high as possible on the head.

2) Why do my goggles fog?
Most swim goggles have anti-fog coating. However, the coating will fade with time and the goggles will start fogging. At this time you will have 2 choices: you can use anti-fog solution, or a new pair will need to be purchased.

3) How do I care for my swim goggles?
After your practice or race, you should dry the goggles with a towel and then store the swimming goggles in a goggle case. This will reduce the risk of scratches on the goggles. If you don't have a goggle case, then store the goggles in a place away from other swim gear. A dedicated pocket in your swim bag will do the trick.

4) How long does a pair of swim goggles last?
If you really care for your it, a pair should last a few months of daily use provided you store the goggles in a safe place after each practice.
If not, a pair may be useless after few weeks due to scratching

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What Customers Are Saying...


Reviewing: Tyr Anti Fog Spray

very good


very good


Reviewing: Nike Goggle CHROME MIRROR JR

Youth Nike Chrome Goggles


My son needed a new pair of goggles for his swim team and picked these out. Have had them a little over a week, and he loves them. I know he would recommend them.


Reviewing: Tyr Nest Pro Metallized Goggles

Very good goggles especially for sunny days

Joseph F, North Carolina | May 28 2017

I have loved the tyr nest series because they stay watertight on my face (I have a hard time finding goggles that consistently work for me). These I've had for over a year and use 1-2 times a week. Yes, like all goggles the anti-fog fades quick. But, the mirrored surface works great for outdoors and the silicone cups have stayed waterproof through months of chlorinated pools and openwater swims.