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Technical Swimsuits

Speedo Technical SwimsuitsSpeedo is by far our most popular brand in this category.
The Swimsuits below are for Racing only - Do not use any of these for practice, warm ups or cool down.

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Speedo LZR Racer Pro Recordbreaker Kneeskin with Comfort Strap Female

Speedo LZR Racer Pro Kneeskin

View $187.74 - $253.84

9 Reviews
Speedo Aquablade Recordbreaker Female

Speedo Swimsuits Aquablade

View $59.67 - $77.53

2 Reviews
Speedo LZR Racer Pro Jammer with Contrast Leg Male

LZR Racer Pro Jammer Contrast Leg

View $127.40 - $151.36

1 Review
Speedo FSII Recordbreaker Female Youth

Speedo Fsii Recordbreaker Female Youth

View $134.08

3 Reviews
Speedo Aquablade Jammer Male

Swim Jammers Aquablade

View $52.97 - $55.81

2 Reviews
Speedo LZR Racer Pro Recordbreaker Kneeskin Female

Speedo Lzr Racer Pro Recordbreaker Kneeskin

View $193.70 - $225.58

3 Reviews
Arena POWERSKIN Carbon Air Jammer Male

Arena CARBON AIR Jammer

View $224.00 - $280.00

Speedo Aquablade Brief Male

Speedo Swimwear Aquablade

View $27.56

1 Review
Speedo Fastskin LZR Racer X Closed Back Kneeskin Female

Lzr Racer X Closed Back

View $300.74 - $489.00

Blueseventy Nero TX Kneeskin Female

Blueseventy Nero Tx Kneeskin

View $230.95 - $293.02

1 Review
Arena POWERSKIN Carbon Flex VX Closed Back Kneeskin Female

Arena Powerskin CARBON FLEX VX Kneeskin CB

View $380.00 - $432.25

2 Reviews
Tyr Thresher Open Back Suit Female

Tyr Tech Suit THRESHER Kneeskin

View $119.99 - $123.62

1 Review

also called Racing swimsuits

This is our technical swimsuits category or also called our racing swimsuits category. Note that these swimsuits are only designed and produced for competitive swimming only. Do NOT used these swimsuits for practice, warm ups or warm down. Doing so can only damage the suits.

Is there a price to swim faster?

Well, this is a difficult question but yes will be our answer.

To our opinion there are two prices:

  • Work harder in the pool is the # 1 solution
  • A faster suit like these technical swimsuits won't hurt.

These swimsuits will make you feel better mentally and physically.

Technical aspects

Mainly, technical swimsuits don't absorb water and just this make the swimsuit a better and a faster swimsuits. In addition, there are no seems on it, so there is no drag either.

Technical swimwear for men

We also have a category for our male Men's Technical Swimsuits >>>