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Two Piece Sets, Tops, Bottoms, and Tankinis Available at Swim2000!

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Two Piece Swimsuits

Shop our Two Piece Swimsuits selection from Speedo, Tyr, Nike and others.

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Nike Sport Top 2 PC

Nike Sport Top 2 Piece

View $43.50 - $58.00

3 Reviews
Speedo Endurance Lite Solid 2PC Short Female

Speedo Endurance Women's Solid Short

View $14.04 - $19.95

1 Review
Tyr Stirling Durafast Elite Twisted Bra Tankini 2PC Top Female

Tyr Tankini STIRLING

View $24.15 - $41.61

2 Reviews
Tyr Solid Durafast One Bikini Bottom Female

Tyr Bikini Bottom SOLID

View $15.44 - $22.00

Dolfin 2 PC Top Female

Dolfin 2 Piece Top

View $21.60 - $24.75

Speedo Solid Endurance Lite Lo-Rise Bottom Female

Speedo Solid Lo-rise Bottom

View $14.04 - $19.95

1 Review
Tyr Solid Durafast Elite Mid Rise Bottom 2PC Bottom Female

Tyr SOLID Mid Rise 2PC Bottom

View $21.62 - $27.03

1 Review
Tyr Napa Durafast Lite Kaya Bikini 2PC Bottom Female

Tyr Bikini Bottom NAPA

View $23.99 - $27.50

Tyr Machu Durafast One Valley 2PC Top Female

Tyr Two Piece Top MACHU

View $18.53 - $23.16

two piece swimsuitsTwo Piece Swimsuits from Tyr, Speedo and Nike.

Most Popular Colors in this Category: Red and Black

Tyr and Dolfin have been releasing some two-piece suits in very bright and attractive colors!

Great when worn with a cover-up to the pool or beach!


Two Piece Swimsuits from Speedo and Tyr are synonymous with excellence and innovation. Designed for comfort, style and durability, our two piece swimsuits incorporate many of the technological advancements resulting from research at the Speedo Aqualab, the same technologies that are found in all Speedo swimwear. High-tech fabric designs help all Speedo two-piece suits maintain shape, form and color while presenting the eye catching look Speedo two-piece suits are known for, all without sacrificing comfort. This innovative thinking has been evident in the manufacturing of Speedo swimwear for years, and the current line of Speedo two-piece suits is clear evidence of this ongoing trend.