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Nike Ng-1 Jammer

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The Nike NG-1 is the Next Generation of swim innovation engineered specifically for the elite male swimmer. The Nike NG-1 combines two hydrophobic stretch woven fabrics: ...

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The Nike NG-1 is the Next Generation of swim innovation engineered specifically for the elite male swimmer. The Nike NG-1 combines two hydrophobic stretch woven fabrics: an outer compressive fabric paired with a lighter inner fabric in key areas to limit water absorption and reduce drag. The combination of the two fabrics creates an optimum balance between flexibility and compression to maximize performance in the water.

Exterior Fabric: A dense and compressive exterior fabric designed to provide stability and compression to enhance body position and streamline while helping to reduce surface drag and water absorption.

Interior Fabric: Lightweight flexible fabric extended beyond the typical modesty requirements, adding more stability and support while maximizing comfort and range of motion.

  • Movement Based Compression: Strategically patterned compressive panels increase stability and provide superior core support.
  • Zoned Tension: Body-adapted seam lines placed along the oblique and outer gluteal muscles are reinforced with high-stretch recovery tape. This lifts and compresses the body while supporting propulsive movements and range of motion.
  • Bonded Seams: Fully bonded seams create smooth outer and inner surfaces to reduce drag and enable natural motion without chafing or irritation.
  • High Stretch Recovery Tape: Hi-stretch recovery tape added at leg openings lies comfortably flat and keeps suit in place. Leg and hip seams help provide ultimate flexibility and excellent shape retention.
  • Waistband Construction: Flat-bonded and reinforced waistband features a lowered drawcord channel which enhances water seal, drag resistance, and reduces suit movement and vibration.

How to put on your Nike NG-1
  1. Put both feet through the neck hole. Flip up the bottom cuff of the leg to prevent the tape from gripping your skin and allowing the suit to slide on more smoothly.
  2. Carefully inch the suit up each leg, alternating between legs to move the suit up your body evenly.
  3. If the tape in the suit sticks to you, do not pull harder on the fabric. Either lift the tape by pinching the seam and gently lifting it from the outside, or by sliding your hand into the suit between the tape and your skin. This will release the tape and allow you to slide the suit up more easily.
  4. Whe getting the suit over your hips, do not squat down when the suit is not pulled up all the way. Continue to inch the suit up, evenly, over your hips.
  5. Tie the drawstring cord to ensure the suit stays in place during your race.
  6. To ensure maximum performance and comfort, the suit should fit snug between the swimmer's legs: there should not be space between the fabric and the swimmer's body.
  7. The suit always feels tightest new right out of the box, but should be worn at least once prior to competition to allow the suit to mold and move with your body. When fitted and sized properly, the suit should feel firm throughout, but never so tight that it feels constricting or creates undue pressure or muscles.

How to take care of your Nike NG-1
To reduce damage, the Nike NG-1 should be rinsed in cold water immediately after each use and laid flat to dry in a well-ventilated area and, once dry, stored in the protective bag included. See care instructions inside suit for more details.

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