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Summer Solutions Sand & Surf 4oz Bottle product image

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Summer Solutions Sand and Surf

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product details

Keep your suit smelling fresh and clean!

Product overview:

Sand & Surf is a soapy, sudsy, cleaning solution designed to remove irritants, salt, chlorine, dirt, perspiration, suntan lotion and harmful oils from swimwear, wetsuits and other fabrics. Lakes, rivers, oceans and even swimming pools leave dirty deposits in fabrics causing them to become smelly and can cause skin irritation. However, with Sand & Surf, your swimwear doesn't have to be! Sand & Surf gives your swimwear a deep cleaning and it also rids your swimwear of the bleaching effects of salt and chlorine helping it to maintain its vibrant colors and elastic feel.

Product Details include:
  • Use when deep cleaning of swimwear is required
  • 4oz plastic bottle
  • Great cold water wash that creates lots of suds
  • Removes dirt, salt, suntan lotion, body oils, perspiration and the occasional ice cream cone
  • Neutralizes Chlorine, Bromine and other chemicals
  • Leaves swimwear with a great "clean" fragrance
  • Does not mask odors with fragrances


(1 Review)

Summer Solutions Sand & Surf


Good product