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Customer Feedback:

CHERYL on Feb 10, 2016


Product received in good condition and seems to fit as it should. Look forward to seeing how it performs in the pool.

JOHN on Feb 9, 2016


The customer service was so helpful and got me the suit in time for a state meet.

CHARLENE on Feb 9, 2016


Took a while to navigate the website, never having been here before, but got just what we were looking for !

ARTHUR on Feb 7, 2016


Good Brand that I am able to wear and feel comfortable in. Great to be able to buy swimwear this time of the year and have it available.

JOHN on Feb 6, 2016


Thank you.

CHERYL on Feb 5, 2016


Even better than picture!

MARGARET on Feb 4, 2016


Thank you was great.

CARMELA on Feb 2, 2016


Using water paddles for pool therapy, have helped tremendously with my work outs. Second set.

HILMA on Feb 2, 2016


Very happy with purchase

SUSAN on Jan 31, 2016


I will order again. Lots of choices and good quality suits.

ELIZABETH on Jan 31, 2016


Ordered a speedo fast skin and paid for expedited delivery - soon got an email that the suit wasn't immediately available and they refunded the shipping cost. I emailed that we neede the suit by the following weekend and got a very fast reply that it was scheduled to ship Monday, it was expedited at no cost, we got the suit on time and she's obliterating all of her recently earned best times!!

COURTNEY on Jan 31, 2016


Isabelle was easy to work with over the phone, easy to understand, and fixed my error in a few short minutes!

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