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Chamois Towels can be Wrung Dry and are Easily Reusable

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Chamois Towels

Chamois towels (also called Swim Chamois or Shammy Towels) are extremely popular among swimmers and divers. Easy to use, Chamois Sports Towels can be used over and over. Simply wring it to remove the water from the towel, and it's ready to be used again.

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Tyr Dry-Off Towel

Chamois Towel Tyr

View $11.95

1 Review
Nike Large Hydro Towel

Nike Hydro Towel LARGE

View $10.08 - $10.18

Tyr Dry-Off Sport Towel Large

Tyr Dry Off Sport Towel

View $18.25

1 Review
Bettertimes Chamois

Swim Chamois

View $6.30 - $8.25

Speedo Watershed Chamois

Speedo Chamois

View $10.08

3 Reviews

Swim towels are highly recommended for divers who are in and out of the pool all the time. Also recommended for swimmers during swim meets. When swimmers have several races in a day, chamois towels become handy because swimmers can get dry and warm quickly without the hassle of a sopping beach towel.

Our # 1 selling chamois towel is Tyr Dry-Off Sport Towel Large. Its size makes it extremely convenient.

While you may have a small towel, you still have a good amount of gear to bring to the pool. Be sure to invest in a swim backpack and a mesh bag to carry all your apparel and gear.