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Having served the swimming community for more than 20 years with our high quality products, we are among our customers’ favorites. Water shoes are one of the products that we deliver to you with quality and price which is worth spending upon. We make available water shoes for all including women’s, men’s, toddlers and kids. A wide variety for women: Beach water shoes, sandals and for aquatic fitness. We also have a great selection of men’s and Kids shoes in different sizes, colors and styles. All of our shoes are comfortable, soft and ideal for places like beaches, pool decks, hot and cold surfaces. These are securely fitted on feet and you will experience easy on-and-off with relaxed fit. With high durability and strength, our selection will leave no space for any complains. Having thick cushioning and shock absorbance feature, these shoes will reduce any possible foot, hip and back pain or injuries. Available in attractive colors and patterns, the collection that we deliver will put a great impact in you for a longer period. These are made up of quick drying materials so that it gets into reusable form in case of wetting. They allow maximum breathability for your foot and bear maximum stretchable quality.

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What Customers Are Saying...


Reviewing: Speedo Exsqueeze Me

glad I picked these.

NANCY H., FORT COLLINS, CO | Feb 12 2017

Was looking for shoes to wear at the gym between the pool and into the shower....there were cheaper options but these work perfectly and are comfortable. No slipping, easy on and off, love the way water drains out.


Reviewing: Speedo Water Shoes SURFWALKER PRO 3.0

Excellent fit. Fast shipping!

J. BOONE E., ALBUQUERQUE, NM | Dec 22 2016

Comfortable, excellent fit and fast shipping.


Reviewing: Speedo Water Shoes Womens ZIPWALKER 4.0

Shoes size is right on.. great fit

PAUL J., WALNUT CREEK, CA | Nov 1 2016

good product